After activation, products will be imported into catalog.
It is useful to show your products for more buyer and get more page views from different websites.


What you need, if you want to use?

1. Make registration: clients can test import into 2 months for free (it will be logo, e-shop description, products xml import from 2 categories - about 15 products). client can get 10% discount for membership fees and advertising positions in catalog.

2. Activate export component and inform us via e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , that we send to xml link for export.



1. Click Components > Emart > Modules

2. Click the link Eksport Modules

3. Click icon New and select the link Product Export v2:

4. Fill in the form:

Title - export file name
Access Password - write the registration password
Publish out of stock items - tick Yes, if you want to export all items, including products, which are out of stock
Add VAT to discount amount - if Site > Control Panel > icon Configuration > tab Global > on the row Subtract payment discount before tax/shipping is ticked, tick Yes. Otherwise tick No
Product search - write minimum 4 product name symbols and select the product for import
Category search - write minimum 4 product name symbols and select the categories for import

5. After changes click icon Save on the top right

6. System will import products into within 24 hours after the insertion of the file in system

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Partners integration

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