How to start

You can prepare your e-shop for e-business within 1 week. After e-shop activation we send to you some e-mails with security data (username and password). Please do not give this information for the third party.


Tips for e-shop management:

• Fill in the online shop information
• Try to sign up and buy your product
• Check the checkout steps: delivery and payment
• If you turned on multilingualism, check out, how the page is displayed in other languages
• Take a look at the emails you receive
• Work with design and SEO

Be sure that you know, how your products are displayed, how user can buy it and etc. Be and the Seller and the Buyer.


You can begin work with e-shop following this plan:

Exclamation mark (!) marked the important instructions in instruction menu.

1. Look at control panel >

If your e-shop has default language English, please do changes in English first. Then activate other languages (Latvian, Russian, Lithuanian) and make translations:

2. Edit contacts, seller and currency information >

3. Change the important settings:

- Create VAT tax >

- Create Terms of service >

- Activate invoice component:

Do changes in invoices settings > and Edit invoice Templates >

- Write main meta data >

4. Upload new logo >

5. Upload favicon >

6. Change slider banners >

7. Create catalog and products >

8. Change articles information >

9. Create delivery types >

10. Create payment methods >

11. Activate Google Analytics plugin >

12. Check automatic mail templates, change the logo >

Try to buy something in e-shop. If you have questions about functionality or you have problems with changes, please write via email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Next you can work:

A. E-shop structure >

B. Design >

C. E-store content for SEO >

E-shop rent services e-shop solution is regularly updated, developed and created according the SEO requirements. E-shops are placed on the our servers in Lithuania. Customer support is via e-mail in two languages: Lithuanian and English. Help instructions and consultations are free of charge.

Partners integration

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