Add GoogleAnalytics plugin

After activation GoogleAnalytics plugin automatically link your e. shop with GoogleAnalytics statistics platform. It will be able to monitor your e. store traffic, traffic flow and other important information for you.

If you want to activate GoogleAnalytics plugin, you must make registration and create e-shop project.



1. Click Extention > Plugin Manager

2. Filter Freeshop Google Analytics Tracking Plugin and clik the plugin name

3. Fill in the form:

Enabled - tick Yes
Google Analytics UA Code
- write Google Analytics code - not script, just code UA-XXXXX with symbol UA-
Track Orders - tick Yes, if you want to see statistic of convertions
Convert Currency - leave Do not convert, because GoogleAnalytics do not have currency converter tool
Track Page view - tick Yes
Create GoogleAnalytics goals with other values from the fields (cart, login, thankyou, confirmation) and you will be able to see statistic information about convertions.

4. After changes click icon Save on the top right

! Statistics will be collected and seen approximately after 24 hours after the parameter input.

The system has Classic Google Analytics code plugin. If you need to activate Universal Google Analytics code, please send this code via e-mail.

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