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Responsive design; Changed Style your shop tool; Created layout manager tool; Created Kainos.lt integration; Introduced the ability to display a warning message on the goods for adults | released 2015-02-23


1. Updated design and layout manager tools. Layout manager > | Layout manager positions > | Updated Style your shop tool >

2. Sticky info bar on the page bottom. More >

3. Age verification. It is used, when the e-shop content is for adults. More >

4. New Kainos.lt integration. Import your products into Kainos.lt products catalog. More >

5. Updated DPD integration: withdrawal points are sorted by city

6. Updated GoogleAnalytics plugin - you can use version of the analytics: classic or universal. More >

7. User dropdown menu. More >

8. Mega banner. More >

9. In admin panel you can find Top10 buyers and the list of functions, which are not use in the e-shop.

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Mails templates; Change store settings position; Possibility to copy discount code; Set up the store configuration checker. | released 2014-07-22


1. Mails templates. Seller can edit the content of the different automatically mails. Mails can upload random new and featured items and offer them to view. Mails can create new coupon codes randomly selected new or special goods. Created the additional marketing mails: forgotten basket; reminder, that the purchase was for a long time ago; reminder, that you log in in e-store for a long time ago; products are in wish list. Vendor can change marketing mailing frequency. More >

2. Improved integration of the DPD. Seller can create DPD stickers and review and close manifest - a list of packages to the courier. More >

3. Vendor, Currency, Check out, Invoice settings move to the Global configuration. We start simplify the system. That's why some setting changed the location in control panel. Contacts in order > | Disable coupons > | Create branches > | Disable shipping > | Create terms of services > | Invoices configuration > | Enter minimal cart sum > | User registration type >

4. Installed shop integrity system. Main purpose is to verify, that system working correctly and the settings working without conflicts. Vendor will be able to see, how many percent the system working correctly. And they will see, where is the mistake to fix it. More >

5. Possibility to copy coupons.



Created bonus (loyalty points) system, a wish list, made ​​it possible to send sms to customers about order status changes, introduced DPD integration, enhanced integration Omniva (Post24), forgotten baskets, waiting lists, you can also create a drop-down menu | released 2014-04-14


1. SMS to customers about order status changes. Sellers can create sms texts for different order status and send sms to the customers about changes. Integration with partner gsms.lt. More >

2. Shipping via DPD couriers. Customers can choose delivery via courier DPD or DPD goods withdrawal point. Seller generates package label. More >

3. Shipping via Omniva terminals (full version). The buyer chooses terminal, where he wants to get the goods. Seller generates package label. More >

4. Designed reminder about the product, which arrived at the warehouse and the customer waited. Vendors see a list of customers, who want to get the message about the product, when it appears in the store. Sellers can see the customer's needs, to order the goods. And when they are in stock, system automatically will send an email to the customer possibility to buy. More >

5. Customers can create wish lists. Registered customers can create wish lists. Seller can also see what items the customer has in wish list. More >

6. Designed Forgotten carts list. Sellers sees registered customers baskets, when the order wasn't finished. Seller may come into contact with the buyer, offer a discount. More >

7. The ability to create drop-down menu. Users can select the submenu in main menu list. More >

8. Powered bonuses, loyalty points system. Sellers can activate bonus (loyalty points) computing system. Seller can create rules for bonuses calculating. Buyer will get bonuses for purchases. They can use bonuses as discount. More >

9. Free delivery of LPexpress terminals choice.

10. Created notes field, if the store didn't have delivery choice.

11. New menu: Site > Control Panel > icon Freeshop: there you can find design, integrations components. In the future, this will change the menu title on the menu.


For upcoming version: automatically mail templates, seller will be able to modify them. According euro integration in Lithuania, system will adapted on new.


Versions History
1.4.8 or older Old design from 2009 to 2012 | old design
(X- any number)
Released in 2012/2013
New design and functionality (gift codes, banners slideshow, items comparison, etc.)
1.5.1.X, 1.5.2.X
(X- any number)
Released in 2013
Design management tool, the mobile version, invoices and etc. Published in 2013-12-02
Changed checkout steps and design, the ability to buy as an unregistered user, the updated mobile version of invoicing templates for different languages​​, the ability to create multiple designs and other upgrades Published in 2014-02-01
Improved purchase without registration, letters, corrected the errors in version Published in 2014-04-14
Created bonus (loyalty points) system, a wish list, possibility to send sms to customers about order status changes, introduced DPD integration, enhanced integration Post24, created forget baskets list, you can also create a pull-down menu Published in 2014-07-22
Mails templates; Change store settings position; Possibility to copy discount code; Set up the store configuration checker.

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