LPexpress integration (terminal)

Terminal services

After LPexpress activation:

  • you can create the LPexpress order and print label
  • buyer can choose LPexpress terminal (LPexpress boxes, where buyer can take his ordered items by himself)

LPexpress integration is free, but you must to have contract and pay for their service.

If you want to use integration, please contact LPexpress and make contract.  If you have contract, please contact LPexpress manager and ask account data into weblabel.

You will get: name and surname, ID (number), Pin (number), Payment pin (number).
Partner data: user name (id) and password.

! LPexpress terminal has 30 kg weight limit. If you enter the products weight and total basket weight exceeds 30 kg, the buyer will not see the option terminal delivery.


1. How to activate LPexpress?

1. Check the plugin: Extensions > Plugin Manager > filter plugin Carrier - LPexpress > plugin must be active (in the row green tick)
2. Enter the LPexpress data: Site > Control Panel > icon Freeshop > icon Global configuration > left menu Shipping > click LPexpress > fill in all fields:

LP Express login - long number and letter combination (ID), example 1aa1a111aa1aa1a1aa1111111aa11a11

LP Express password - enter password.

LP Express terminal ID - write ID
LP Express terminal PIN - write PIN (not payment pin, but pin)
LP Express system user ID - write ID
LP Express system user payment PIN - write PIN

Ready to ship status - select the order state. When you will change the order state, you will find the LPexpress order row in LPexpress orders list.
Default Shipping price - write the delivery price (sum without tax)
Cart sum for free shipping - write the cart sum for free delivering (sum without tax)
Tax rate - select the tax rate


! Order status Site > Control Panel > Orders > List Orders status Types (look instruction)

3. Click button Save.

4. Click Site > Control Panel > icon Freeshop > icon Shipping > click red icon in the row "LPexpress" - the Shipping method name you can change

5. If everything is okay, you will see LPexpress terminals list after select the Shipping method in second step in checkout.



2. How to create the label?


Before you start generating label, please check the phone number. Must be correct number format.

When you will change order status like in LPexpress integration, you will find the new line for label in LPexpress orders list:

1. Site > Control Panel > icon Freeshop > icon LPexpress orders

2. Click the link No LPexpress order and fill in form:

a) tick the services

b) tick additional services, if you need

c) click button Create order

3. If everything will be okay, you will see the number of order. If there is error code: Method: get_customer_credit, response: soapSenderAUTH_ERROR, means your LPexpress account is to small for ordering. Add money into account and try again.

4. Click the tracking number, if you want to cancel label.

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