Swedbank banklink

After Swedbank banklink activation:

  • after order confirmation, buyer will redirect to Swedbank system
  • buyer will pay
  • seller will get e-mail with message, that order status is changed
! Only Swedbank user can make payment via this banklink.

Swedbank banklink integration is free, but you must to have contract and pay for Swedbank services.

Swedbank banklink is possible, when e-shop has SSL sertificate (save https url link). Prices:

  • SSL sertificate costs 35 euro + VAT / yearly
  • and additionaly unique IP address - 6 euro + VAT / monthly


1. Activation

1.1. Site > Control Panel > icon Payment methods list > click icon New and fill in the form:

Active? - tick the box.

Payment Method Name - write the name of payment method, example Swedbank banklink - this name will see the buyer.

Code - write unique payment method code (you can create your unique code).

Payment class name - select Swedbank banklink

Payment method type - tick the row HTML-form based.

Shopper Group - you can select Shopper group, which will see this payment method.

Discount - you can give discount or take extra fee from customer for swedbank banklink payment method. If the discount number is with minus symbol - buyer will see additional fee. Example, if you choose this payment method, you must pay extra 1 euro.

Discount type - select discount type: percentage or total.

Maximum amount discount - write the maximum amount on which the discount is applied

Minimum amount discount - write the minimum amount on which the discount is applied

List order - write the list order number.

Country - select the country or countries (if you want to select more than one country, you can click the Ctrl key in keyboard).

Shipping mode - you can select specific Shipping rate for that payment method. It means, that if buyer will select specific Shipping rate, system will show specific payment method.

Picture - select the picture for that payment method.

After changes click the button Apply


1.2. Click tab Configuration and fill in the form:

Project ID - write project ID (this data you will get from Swedbank)

SSL password - write SSL data

Language Name - recommended leave -Autodetected-, system will show language according buyer language.

Payment Type - write the payment type (this data you will get from Swedbank)

Payment Purpose - write the system message "Payment for goods made to order [order_nr] in website [site name]"

Pending Status - select the order status, when the payment is pending

Verified Status - select the order status, when the payment is successful

Bank public key - write bank public key data (this data you will get from Swedbank)

Private key file - write private key file data (this data you will get from Swedbank)

1.3. After changes click icon Save

! Try to buy something and do payment via paypal.com - be sure, that everything is working correct.

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