Module Do you have questions editing

Module Do you have questions is shown in the top right (position user4). You can edit information, change the position of the module or disabled it.

1. Extensions > Module Manager

2. Filter the name of the module (input name or part of the name and click the button Go) > Click the module name Do you have questions

3. Edit the module information

Title Write, edit the module name
Show  Title
Yes - module title is shown, No - module title isn't shown
Enabled Yes - module is shown in page (active), No - module isn't shown in page (passive)
Position The module position, where it is shown in page
Order Your module will be shown after selected module in the same position
Access Level
Public - module is shown for all users, Registered - module is shown just for registered users

All - module is shown in all pages of the e-shop, None - module isn't shown in e-shop, Select menu item (-s) from the list - you can select a menu links, in which must be displayed the module (with Ctrl key on your keyboard you can select two or more links)

Data source Entered bellow - show the bellow entered contacts; Contact details - show contacts from the Components > Contacts
Phone number
Write a phone number
E-mail Write an e-mail
Show phone

Yes - phone will be shown,
No - phone wouldn't be shown

Show e-mail

Yes - e-mail will be shown,
No - e-mail wouldn't be shown

Link e-mail
Yes - e-mail link will be shown, the link open the contact form,
- e-mail link wouldn't be active


Show contact link
Yes - is shown your text, example Write e-mail, the link open the contact form,
No - text wouldn't be shown
Link Text
Your text, example Write e-mail

5. Click icon Save on the top right

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