Create branches

Sometimes buyer want to take products from the local store or from the company office and don't pay for delivery. If you have this possibility, please create the branches and activate possibility purchase will claim myself.


1. Create the branches - Purchase will claim myself

1.1. Components > Branches > click the link Branches or Categories and click icon New on the top right

! You can add google coordinates, but the system don't display it - function is not full.

1.2. Fill in the form and click icon Save

Category can have 1, 2 or more branches. Example, category - store; branches: e-shop stores in Vilnius, Kaunas.
If you do not create category, buyer will see all branches. If you create categories and select category in branches information, buyer will see branches from specific category.

You can add the fee for possibility to take products from branches.

2. Activate branches

2.1. Activate branches: Site > Control Panel > icon Freeshop > icon Global configuration > left menu Checkout > tick Yes in the row Enable give away point and select give away point category

2.2. Click Save and check the shipping rates in checkout.

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Partners integration

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