Bank transfer, cash

Payment method - buyer will see payment information on the Thank you page (after order steps). Then he goes into e-bank and make payment. Seller must check bank account and change the order status by oneself.


How to activate?

1. Site > Control panel > icon Payment methods list > Click the link Pavedimu or Payment and fill in the fields:

Activate - tick the box.

Payment Method name - write the payment method name.

Code - write the unique code.

Payment class name - select Pavedimu, kreditine

Payment method type - tick Address only / Cash on delivery.

Shopper Group - you can select Shopper group, which will see this payment method.

Discount - you can give discount or take extra fee from customer for payment method. If the discount number is with minus symbol - buyer will see additional fee. Example, if you choose this payment method, you must pay extra 1 euro.

Discount type - select discount type: percentage or total.

Maximum amount discount - write the maximum amount on which the discount is applied

Minimum amount discount - write the minimum amount on which the discount is applied

List order - write the list order number.

Country - select the country or countries (if you want to select more than one country, you can click the Ctrl key in keyboard).

Shipping mode - you can select specific Shipping rate for that payment method. It means, that if buyer will select specific Shipping rate, system will show specific payment method.

Picture - select the picture for that payment method.

2. click tab Configuration and write the information for payment (bank account, company name). This information will be displayed on the order Thank you page.

3. After changes click Save

! You can create Cash payment method using the same fields, just enter other payment method name and select Shipping Mode - Pick up from store. It means, client will take product and make payment in your store. Please write recommendation for client in tab Configuration.

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