Change logo

E-shop logo can be image or text:


1. Text logo

Extensions > Module Manager > filter Logo and click the name link

Text type - select text logo
Text logo row -  write logo text
Text Logo CSS Style - write text style in CSS

After changes click Save


2. Image logo

Logo will be upload in header, high - 127 px, png format. We recommend to prepare image without background (must be transparent background).

! Prepare the image: high 127 px, background - transparent, logo must be in center in the left side.

2.1. Site > Media Manager > left menu folder Stories > than Browse the image and click button Start Upload

2.2. Extensions > Module Manager > filter Logo module > enter the module

2.3. Select your logo name on the row Logo Image and click Save (on the row Logo type must be "Selected image")

Check the logo in e-shop page.

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Partners integration

If you want to see integration description, please click the partner logo.