Design positions

E-shop page has two parts:

  • inner - all information;
  • outer - stores sides, they are changing (increasing, decreasing) depending on the size of your screen.

You can find in page also: header (top of page); menu bar; page background; footer (bottom of page).

All of these elements color are changed during the design tool. You can display picture, image, or a solid color. If the color is placed on the outside, but the inner part leave empty - the same color will be in inner part.

Module has these parts: title; content. You can change the title, background and text color.

E-shop rent services e-shop solution is regularly updated, developed and created according the SEO requirements. E-shops are placed on the our servers in Lithuania. Customer support is via e-mail in two languages: Lithuanian and English. Help instructions and consultations are free of charge.

Partners integration

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