Mailbox necessary settings

Mailboxes are created and can be managed through the mailbox management tool. The managment link you should have received via e-mail. Depending on the server that contains your e. Store, Mailbox Management link can be: or

When connected you will find two links:

- Paslaugos valdymo skydas - link to create a mailbox. Login data are the same as login data to store.

- Paštas naršyklėje - link to connect to the mailbox that you created. Login data are user name (not email address) and password witch you created

Available mailbox links:

1. Necessarily configure the settings: Inbox > Options > Personals information

Necessarily write Your Reply-to: address: - this must be your store e. mail address to witch customers can write back.

2. Test the box: write the letter, reply to it. Check if it works.

3. Create SPAM folder: Inbox > Options > Server and Folder Information > SPAM folder "Creat a new SPAM Folder" and Save Options.

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Partners integration

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