The new e-mail. Mailbox Creation

The box can be created only when your shop is already running in your desired domain. If the domain is not active, i.e., entering it in the browser does not open your store: at first make domain redirection. If you ordered domain with store rent, then domain redirection will be done by Freeshop team and will inform you about it. For any questions, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Mailboxes are created and managed through the letterbox management tool. The link you should have received by e-mail.

Depending on the server that contains your store , mailbox management link can be: or

After connecting you will find two links:

- Paslaugos valdymo skydas - link to create a mailbox. Connections are the same as at the store management. Mailbox Instruction below.
- Paštas naršyklėje - link to connect to the mailbox that you created. Connections are those you create. Do not forget to change the necessary settings. Instruction:


To create a new e-mail account (s):

1. Login to ( or and go to link Paslaugos valdymo skydas > enter your login data. They are the same as login data to store.

ATTENTION! After opening the site, your browser may warn you that did not recognize the security certificate, select continue.

2. After connected  to the system, go on the left to select your website (see picture):

3. In opened new window select the card User & E-mail.

4. In this tab you can see existing users e-mail boxes (see picture). To create a new e-mail account, press New.
ATTENTION! Don't delete or modify user Administrator, this is system user.


5. Fill in the required fields (see picture):

Real name: Users real name and surname  (optional).

Email Address: Preferred e-mail address. Note: the e-mail address can not be used Lithuanian, Latvian letters, spaces, and special characters.

Username: the e-mail user name, it will be used to login to mailbox.

Password: Password, it will be used to login to mailbox.

Webspace: You can choose a new e-mail box capacity in megabytes. Note: The entry of "-1" indicates that the mailbox capacity limits do not apply.

Administrator: if you want, that the newly created user had administrator rights to self-service, select the check box. For safety reasons, we recommend against doing so.

6. After entering the data, press Save. Choose again User & E-mail (as you did at 4 step). The new user should appear in the list of users.
Note: remember the username and password you typed in step 6, they will be required when connecting to the e-mail box.

7. If you want to create more email accounts, repeat steps 4-6 above.

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