Internal SEO: e-store content

1. Parts of the page, and where they appear on Google

E-shop is like a book, which consists of pages - e. store pages are accessible by clicking on the link in e. store or other webpages. Pages example: home page, categories, articles: about us, contact, and other; products.

E. store page consists of:

  • Page name - it is the largest text on the page (written h1 format), example category, product, article name.
  • Page Text - the text that describes a category of product, article.
  • Page Title - this is the page description for Google and other search engines. We recommend to write title as phrases, sentences, do not repeat keywords. The more important keywords write on the left.

When you enter the words in Google search field, Google will display the search results list. At the top and on the right is displayed Adwords advertising (you can order this advertise form in Google - it's payed) . After Adwords advertising displayed Google natural results. These results are collected by Google robot from your all shops in internet. Google robot collected content.

In Google you will see tree parts of ads row:

  • Bright blue link - this is meta title passage with searched keywords
  • Green URL - show the link. Where will you go, when you click the link. Freeshop platform create the url link according the category, products, articles name automatically
  • Text - it's meta description or other text from the page with searched keywords. If you enter the meta description, google will show your text.


2. How Google generate natural Google results list

When you enter the keywords in Google search field, Google will display the natural search results list after advertise. Google has some rules for generating the results of the list.
The list is shown according content x authority of the page . Google robot pay attention on content, right links (user find the same content like in meta description) and how much links are in other websites. Means, Google want to show on the top the results, which are more useful and interesting for users.


Content - it's a text (content) in all pages in your e-shop. When you looking some information in google, you write some keywords. Google takes these keywords and looking (match) it with e-shop content. If the words are found, your e-shop link will be displayed in the list. How high your link will be in the list depends on the authority of your website and competitors' behavior and SEO.

Authority - it's e-shop prevalence on internet . If you want to have bigger e-shop authority, you must have more links in other catalogs, websites, e-shops. Of course these websites must have the logical content for your link. Example, your e-shop is business, so you can get the link in business catalog. Your e-shop sells the cars, so you can get links in cars forum, cars adds website and so on.

If Google finds the same keywords in both e-shop, the e-shop with bigger authority will be displayed higher.

The content and the authority is created by e-store owners, managers, SEO specialists and other persons or company.


3. The main fields for meta data in the e-shop

Each page should have some content, which describes the page name, meta title and description.

1. Describe the categories: Site > Control Panel > icon Category tree > write the description in all categories and subcategories:

2. Describe the product: Site > Control Panel > icon Product list > write description in detail, because all words will be indexed by google robot

3. Write meta title and meta description of all pages:

Components > SEF > View/Edit SEF URL

Click the link or filter the link in the row Filter SEF URls (write the end of the link and click Enter):

Home page can have link lt, en or can be empty - select the row and click Edit.

Click on the SEF URL link and write meta title and description:

4. Write e-shop global meta data: Site > Global configuration

5. Write useful content: articles about your products, how to use, how to choose them and other information:

Article in main menu creation >


4. Content differences

We recommend write full sentences in correct languages rule (punctuation, spelling). Google reads the information from the left to the right, so important words shop on the left. Do not copy the content from other websites, because google pay attention on that. Better write or create your own unique texts.

Below you can find some examples, how to create e-shop content:

> Site name (Site > Global configuration):

Toy shop for kids, adults online-

! This phrase should say, what kind of products you can buy in the e-shop. The phrase will be displayed on each page title on the end and take part in Google search.

> Category page title:
Child safety seats

! It is important to show clear name of the page. Often the seller write only the brand name. It's big mistake, because people is looking not only brand, but and other words: skates, TV or cream.

> Category page description:
E-shop is selling items for babies and children at attractive prices. Discounts, promotions. In this category you will find a Child safety seats from eco-friendly materials​​.

In you can buy nappies, bodies, tights, dresses, shoes and other clothing and toys for babies, children. Also keeping in mind the kids safe travel by car. Various eminent manufacturers of wheelchairs, car seats and accessories.

Our products are sold not only be delivered to major cities, but also in other towns. Order today, receive package tomorrow. Also interesting products can be found in category Household items and interior design (link)

! This text is additional text for google, because have more keywords. Of course the text must describe the page title in details.

>Category page meta title:
Child safety seats for babies, children | good price online

! This phrase should say, what kind of products you can buy in the category Child safety seats. More important word write on the left. Words can't repeated. Google will find your site, if the buyer in the Google search will looking these words combination: Child safety seats; safety seats for children; safety seats for babies price; safety seats good price; safety seats online and etc. Google will try all combinations of yours phrases.

5. Clean SEF cache after meta data changes

Components > SEF > icon on the right Clean Cache

And repeat cleaning e-shop cashe: Tools > Clean Cache > Delete all rows

E-shop rent services e-shop solution is regularly updated, developed and created according the SEO requirements. E-shops are placed on the our servers in Lithuania. Customer support is via e-mail in two languages: Lithuanian and English. Help instructions and consultations are free of charge.

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