Invoices templates

How it works?

From version you can use invoices templates:

  • seller can create different invoices templates in different languages: Lithuanian, English, Russian or Latvian.
  • buyer will get invoice in language, which was selected in the website. Buyer can see the prices in main e-shop currency and currency, which was selected on the e-shop. Main currency you can select: Site > Control Panel > Edit Store > in area Currency Display Style.

! If delivery types and payment methods are correct, Invoice component will works well.


1. Activation

1.1. Click Site > Control Panel > icon Freeshop > icon Global configuration > left menu Invoices > on the row Use invoice templates? - tick Yes


1.2. After changes click icon Save.


2. Create or edit invoice templates

You will find automatically tree invoice templates: in Lithuanian, English and test template. You can edit these or create new one.

! Some rules:

- Invoice will be created according buyer language.
- We recommend print invoice and save.
- If you delete the order, invoice will be empty.
- If you must change invoice template, we recommend to create new one and earlier template leave passive. Because if you edit template, all invoices will be corrected.
- You can't create credit invoice.
- One language can have just one active template.

2.1. Click Site > Control Panel > icon Freeshop > icon Invoices > click Templates

If you want to display or edit the invoice template - click the template name.
If you want to create a new template - click icon New on the top right.

2.2. Fill in or edit template form:

- Write the template name
- Select the language
- Tick Yes, if the template is active
- Enter the template or copy template code via html code tool

- On the right you will find seller, buyer, invoice and items values and explanation
- All values in [ ] are variable
! Value with end _default - show price in main currency, which you can change: Site > Control Panel > Edit Store > in area Currency Display Style

- Edit CSS tool let you change the template CSS code
- After template changes you can:
Save - save and close the template,
- save the changes and leave in the same window,
Preview template -
preview template with test data,
Cancel - close the template window.

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