Bonuses system

Bonus system (loyalty points) in version

Bonus system will let collect the virtual money (bonuses) and use these money as discount. If you want to get bonuses, you must buy.

Bonuses can collect just registered user. They will see bonuses number and how much bonuses they can use in the third purchase step.

Seller can activate the unique discount code. Each user will have possibility to use this code and get discount. User can share this code with


1. How to activate bonus system?

1. Activate plugin: Extensions > Plugin Manager > filter System - Bonus system and activate the plugin (should be green check mark in the line).

2. Create bonus link on the op of the e-shop, that customer can see the bonuses number: Extensions > Module manager > click icon New on the top right > click the link Freeshop - Bonuses > fill in the form an click icon Save on the top right.

Bonus calculator will appear at the top of the page.

3. Activate bonuses system: Site > Control Panel > icon Freeshop > icon Global configuration > left menu Bonuses > fill in the rules of bonuses


Bonus unit name – write the name of bonuses (virtual money).
Bonus unit picture – do not use / function doesn't work.
How much cart value can you pay with bonuses – how much in percentages can be paid in bonuses, for example 50%.
When you can pay with bonuses – select Allways or Periodicaly. Periodicaly can be every day, week, month in days and time.

Pay atention on time zone. Select correct timezone: Site > Global Configuration > tab Server > in area Locale Settings select correct Time Zone, example (+3:00).

Bonus and currecy ratio indicate the correlation between the currency unit and a bonus. Written 2:1 means, that the two bonuses are one Euro (or other currency).
Bonus currency – write bonus currency.
Enable bonuses when discount already applied? – if you tick Yes, you can fill in the Minimal cart sum for bonuses when discount was applied
Minimal cart sum – write the sum, from when user can pay in bonuses.
Assign bonuses when order status is – select the order status at which the bonus will be calculated.

Bonus calculation:

Activate bonus calculation? – tick Yes - bonus calculation active or No.
Calculate bonuses from – tick Cart sum or Products. If you choose first one, you must enter the formula, example, $order_total * 0.15. System will calculate 15% bonuses from cart. If you choose second one, you will see additional fields:
- Use bonuses assigned to products? – Seller will enter bonuses in specific items and system will calculate just these bonuses.
- Use default formula for empty bonuses in products? - If you tick Yes and below you enter formula, system will calculate bonuses according formula in addition.
- Bonus default formula – there you can enter bonuses formula, example $product_price * 0.15. Bonuses formula can be use for specific products, category or for all products, except products with specific bonuses (if above tick Yes).

Unique codes:

Create unique codes for users? – tick Yes and system will create for all users unique code. Users can see this code in My profile area after login in to e-shop. User can share this unique code for all friends. If other user will use this code, system will give discount according rules below.
How much bonuses gets code owner? – write the number of bonuses, which get unique code owner. You can write the sum or percentage. The percentage will be calculate on the final amount of the order.
How much bonuses gets code user? - write the number of bonuses, which get unique code user (friend). You can write the sum or percentage. The percentage will be calculate on the final amount of the order.

Assign to shoppergroup:

Assign user to a new shoppergroup? – tick Yes, if you want that customer will be assign to Shopper Group, when they reach the order total sum or total quantity
Order status – write the order status. After changes system will assign user to the group.
Assignation – there you can select the Shopper group and write the rules. You can have different rules for different group. There can be two rules: calculate the orders amount or quantity of orders. You can add the row - button click "+".

! After changes, try to buy something and check bonuses rules.


2. You can write Bonuses:

  • Site > Control Panel > Products list > click the name of product > tab Product information > in the fiel Given Bonuses write the bonuses number. If you will use this type of bonuses calculation - system will calculate this number.

  • Site > Control Panel > Orders > click the order number > you can add the bonuses manually in the order information page.

  • You can add the bonuses direct in the user profile: Site > Control Panel > icon Freeshop > icon Bonuses > click the user name > click the button Add > write the bonuses number.

3. How to use bonuses

Buyer will see bonuses in the bonuses module, example in header position.

Buyer will see bonuses in the third step of checkout (system will show the total number of bonuses and how many bonuses buyer can use).


4. Statistic of bonuses

Site > Control Panel > icon Freeshop > icon Bonuses

There you can find the list of buyers and how many bonuses they have. You can filter buyers.
You can find the unique codes.

Click the name of user and you will see the list of orders and how many bonuses he spend and get. Click icon Add on the top right and write the number of bonuses. Seller can remove bonuses from the buyer profile too.

1 - Buyer got 2 bonuses from the seller as gift
2 - Buyer spend 2 bonuses in order 00000148
3 - Buyer got 27 bonuses from order 00000148

The green row - add bonuses

The red row - remove bonuses

You can edit or delete bonuses, you created. You can edit bonuses, which are crated of the system automatically.

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