Create product discount

If product has discount, product has the discount icon in the product list.


How to create discount?

1. Click Site > Control Panel > Products list > left menu Products > Product discount list

2. Click icon New. You can delete old or not useful discount.

3. Fill in discount form:

Discount amount - write number
Discount type: tick percentage or total. Percentage example 20 %, total example 20 EURO
Start date of discount - when start apply a discount
End date of discount - when finish apply a discount

! If the start and end date will be blank fields, discount will power all the time, until product will be inactive or will have discount type.

4. After changes click Save

5. Next step - assign discount type to the product: left menu click Products list > click the product name > select discount type

6. After changes click Save

! If you fill in discounted price field, the system will create discount type automaticaly. Discounted price must be written without VAT.

You can write discounted price with VAT, if you remove the tick from the row "Subtract payment discount before tax/shipping?" in Site > Control Panel > icon Configuration > tab Global

We recommend to write Discounted price without VAT and do not change configuration settings.

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