Create coupon

Buyer can use coupon code and get discount for cart.

- Discount can be a percentage or total.
- You can specify, how many times you can use the coupon.
- Create coupon rules: specify product, category, customer, or the amount of the card - buyer can use coupon, just with yours rules.
- Write coupon expiry date


How to create a coupon?

1. Site > Control Panel > icon Store Manager > left menu Coupon > Coupons > icon New on the top right

Fill in coupon field:

Coupon code – write coupon code.

Published – select Published - coupon is active; Unpublished - coupon is inactive.

Number of uses – select Total or Per customer and write the number in the box. Total # 5 - the coupon can be used 5 times at all. Per customer # 5 - each customer can use coupon 5 times.

Percent or total – select Percentage or Total. Percentage - discount will be in percentage; Total - discount will be in whole number.

Discount type - select Overall or Specific. Overal - discount applies to the all sum of cart; Specific - discount applies to the specific parameters (products, categories, manufacturer, user).

Value – write discount amount.

Minimum value – write the minimum cart amount - if the cart sum will be smaller, client will not be able to use the discount code.

Start – write the date, when the discount code will be active.

Expiration – write the date, from when the discount code will be inactive.

Exclude products with discount – tick the box, if you want that system will apply discount code just for product without discount type.

Discount shipping - tick the box and coupon code will be apply for all cart sum (cart sum plus delivery sum)

Not selected items default – tick Include, if you want that the coupon will be apply for all products, excepted products, category and other parameters on the right; tick Exclude, if you want that the coupon will be apply just for products, categories on the right.

If you want to select the products, categories, you must to enter minimum 4 characters and system will show you the list. Then you select the products, categories or users.

2. Click Save.

3. Make sure, that the store discount coupon feature enabled: Site > Control Panel > icon Configuration > tab Global area Frontent features > tick the box in the line Enable Coupon Usage > click Save on the top right

4. Try to buy and use coupon.

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