Shopper group and prices

Shopper group is used to give for VIP clients special price and discounts. Client from Shopper group login into e-shop profile and will see Shopper group prices.

How to create Shopper group?

1. Site > Control Panel > icon Store Manager > left menu Shopper

! Shopper group list - you can find all Shopper groups in your e-shop. There you can edit, publish / unpublish or delete group.

2. Click Add Shooper group and fill in the form

Default?- tick the box, if you want, that this group will be default group and all user will be add in that group after registration automatically.
Group name - write the name of the group.
Show prices including tax? -
tick the box, if you want, that all prices will be with tax.
Do not apply product discounts? -
tick the box, if you want, that group discount will not apply on product, which already has discount.
Price discount on default Shopper group (in %) -
write discount amount. Example, if you create a group "VIP Client" and they will have 15 % discount - client from that group after login will see all prices 15% lower (not required, because discount can be just for special products).
Group description - write group description (not required, because just you can see this information).


How to add the user to Shopper group?

1. Site > Control Panel > icon Store Manager > left menu Admin > Users

2. Click the user name

3. Click tab Shopper Information

4. select the Shopper group in the field Shopper Group

5. Click icon Save on the top right.


How to add special price for Shopper group?

1. Site > Control Panel > icon Products list > click the product name

2. tab Product Information click the link Price information

3. You will find the default price list in a new window. Click icon New on the top right.

! Do not delete the Default price.

4. Fill in price form and click icon Save

Product Price (Net) - price without tax
Product Price (Gross) -
price with tax
Currency -
select currency
Shopper Group -
select Shopper group, which will see this price

This price will be active, when the client from Shopper group will buy the product quantity from Start to End:
Quantity Start -
number (not required)
Quantity End -
number (not required)

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