E-shop control panel navigation rules

How to navigate in e-shop control panel?

You need to know a few rules:

1. Multiple administrators can work with a e-shop control panel at the same time. If one administrator opens any module or element, the other administrator is informed that the module is locked.

2. If you want to save changes - click the button Save at the top right of the page. If you want to close the item or module - click the button Return or Cancel at the top right of the page.

Icons example:

Save - save the changes and close the item, module page.
Apply - save changes but leave the item, module page open.
Cancel - close the page without changes.

Do not use the browser's Back button or browser exit of a cross from the current module or element, because the system will locked opened items or module. The next time you will not be able to open it.

3. We recommend working with e-shop control panel using Firefox browser.
We do not recommend working with e-shop control panel using Internet Explorer, because this browser may not support all e-shop control panel functionality

How to unlock modules, items?

Click Tools > Global check-in > system will inform you, which elements was unlocked


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