Login to the e-shop control panel and menu

How to login to the e-shop control panel?

1. Open FireFox browser and enter the e-shop control panel address. You received it via e-mail. For example, if your e-shop address is www.my-eshop.com, control panel you can reach via www.my-eshop.com/administrator

2. Enter the user name and password (you received it via e-mail) and choose the English language.

3. If everything was entered correctly, home page will be open.


Main menu

Top of the page - main menu. Center of the page - the most used menu icons. Top right of the page - version number and the links below:

  • Site default language - it's a link for translation, when the multilanguage is enabled;
  • Preview - it's a link to see e-shop frontend;
  • Letter icon - internal message inbox | not used;
  • User icon - active users sesions;
  • Logout - logout link.


Inside menu


Click the links Site > Control panel > icon Freeshop or Components > Freeshop
It will be open inside menu, which will change the main menu in the future.



The inside menu functions:

1. Shipping - enable shipping rates and methods.

2. Invoices - enable the invoices system, modify invoices templates for different languages, print the invoices.

3. Coupons - create and manage discount coupons.

4. Bonuses - check the number of bonuses (loyality points) of customers, add or delete extra points.

5. Forgotten carts - registered users list, which add the items to cart, but not buy it. You can see the items and users contact data.

6. Wishlists - enable wishlists function for registered users.

7. Waitinglist - it's a list of customers who clicked the button Notify me. You can see the customers contact data and what goods they wanted.

8. LP Express orders - the orders list of Lithuania post terminal provider LPexpress.

9. Post24 orders - the orders list of Lithuania/Latvia post terminal provider Post24.

10. DPD orders - the orders list of Lithuania/Latvia courier provider DPD.

11. Importer - import the items from csv or xls files.

12. Exporter - export the items, orders and users lists in csv files.

13. Style your shop - manage the e-shop design .

14. Global Configuration - enable bonuses system, sms, integration of delivery provider (DPD, Post24 and LPexpress) and wishlists.

E-shop rent services

Freeshop.lt e-shop solution is regularly updated, developed and created according the SEO requirements. E-shops are placed on the our servers in Lithuania. Customer support is via e-mail in two languages: Lithuanian and English. Help instructions and consultations are free of charge.

Partners integration

If you want to see integration description, please click the partner logo.