New child product (size, color)

Create new child product

Buyer can select the child products, which has different attributes: size, color and etc. and buy it. The products quantity in the stock quantity is reduced after purchase.

If you need to check and control the stock: click Site > Control Panel> Icon Configuration> tab Global > in section Core Settings tick the line Check stock? > Save.


When is used child product

- When you want, that customer can buy the child products (has different attributes: size, color and etc.).
- When you want, that child product has limited quantity in the stock. If the quantity is 0, the buyer will not be able to buy the product.
- When you want, that product information will change according the product selection.
- Each customer can choose no more than two different atributes: example, Color and size; Model and size, etc.



How to create new child product?


1. Site > Control panel > icon Product list > click the product name > click  Add Atributes

2. Write attribute name (Color, Size and etc.) and the number in List order (attribute will be first or second in attributes list) > click Save

! Attribute you must add only once in one product. Later you must create just child products: steps 3, 4 and 5.

3. Click tab Product Items and click the link New item

4. Opens empty product form (tabs). The form is the same as the parental products form. You should fill in all tabs again.

Required fields: product code (unique, without duplication), items attributes, item quantity in stock. If you leave other child product field empty, they will be the same as in parent product.

Tab Item Information - tick publish, write the unique child product SKU and fill in other field, which should be different as in parent product.

Tab Item Images: If you browse child product image, system will show child product Image. If the child product will not have images, buyer will see the parent product images after the attribute selection in product page.

Tab Items status - write, how many items are in stock.

Tab Items Attributes - write the attribute information, example: Size S or M.

5. After changes click Save.

6. The steps: 3, 4 and 5 describe, how to add first child product. If you want to add another one product, you must click the link Add another product in tab Product Item and repeat 3, 4, 5 steps again. If the child product has different price than parent product, buyer will see the child product price after selecting the attribute.

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