New product

1. Site > Control Panel > Product list

2. Click button New on the top right

3. Tab Product information. Fill in the item code, name, description, category, price.

Publish? - tick the box for publishing the product.
SKU - enter the unique product code. It is mandatory field, can not be duplicated.
Name: - write the product name.
URL: - leave blank.
Manufacturer - select the manufacturer or add the new one.
Categories - tick the categories.
Short description - write short description, example composition of the goods, properties, important information. Short description you can display in products module, products list and in product page.
Product description - write the full description in detail.

Product price (Net) - write the product price without VAT (if you need, there can be 4 digits after the decimal point).
: - select the currency (must be the main currency in your e-shop).
Product price (Gross)
: - write the product price with VAT (better to enter there 2 digits after the decimal point).
VAT ID: - select the VAT tax, if you pay it. If you enter the price without VAT and select the VAT ID, system will calculate the product price with VAT. If you enter the price with VAT and select the VAT ID, system will calculate the product price without VAT.
Discount type: - select the discount type (it is not necessary to fill in) (without VAT or percentage).
Discounted price: - enter discounted price without VAT. The System will create the discount type automatically. The next time you will be able to choose a discount type.
Weight - if the delivery charge will be calculated according to the product weight, enter the weight. This field is recommended for DPD, Post24 integration.
Unite of measure: - enter the product weight measure, example kilograms.


4. Tab Product images. Images can be png format, size: 1000px x 1000 px or less.

Tick Auto-Create Thumbnail > press the Browse button and choose image from computer. After click Save, system will upload a large picture and automatically generated small picture for a products list.

Browse additional images.


5. Tag Product Status. Fill in the quantity in stock, delivery data, tick the special offer funkction, create attribute.

In Stock: - write the quantity in stock.
Minimum purchase quantity: - write, how many products must buy client minimum in one order.
Maximum purchase quantity: - write, how many products can buy client maximum in one order.
Availability Data: - enter the date, when will you have the product in stock .
Availability: - enter text information about product delivery data or select a picture about it.
On Special: - tick the box and the product will be displayed in special offer (featured products) promotions module.


6. Tab Related Products. Related products are displayed on product page under the product description .

Search for Products or Categories here: type the product name (minimum 4 characters) > click on the product name and the product will be assigned.

7. After changes click the button Save

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