New product attribute - without stock control

Product attributes are displayed in the store as a child products. There is no difference for buyer. But the seller must pay attention on the product quantity in the stock.

Product attributes. You enter just the total amount of product. After purchase - system will take away one product from the store (it doesn't matter, the specific attribute quantity in stock).

Child products. You enter specific quantity of the product for every child product. After purchase - system will take away one specific child product (attribute) from the store (it's very important specific attribute quantity in stock).


When are used attributes:

- When you want, that customer can buy the attribute of the product (attributes: size, color and etc.).
- When you want, that product price will change after selecting the specific attribute.

How to create new attribute?

Site > Control Panel > Product list > click the product name > tab Product Status > write attribute title and properties in array Attribute List.

Title - write the attribute title (example Size, Packing, Color and etc.). Click New Attribute, if you want to create the new one.
Property - write the attribute properties (Size: S, M, L; Packing: with gift box, with gift bag; Color: red, green, yellow). One property must be in one line. If a property changes the product price, in a nearby field, specify the price change (+2 - add 2 euros to the price; -1 - subtract 1 euros to the price; empty field  - leave the price without changes). To create another one property, click New Property.

! If you want, that the attribute selection box has word Select, in the first property line write the word Select.

Several filling and display examples:

1. Attribute - product accessories: in control panel

Attribute - product accessories: in e-shop frontend

2. Attribute - product size selection: in control panel

Attribute - product size selection: in e-shop frontend

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